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Welcome to the section about me!

My Name is Scott Cutting Jr. I became Pastor here at Faith Chapel in August 2018. I found salvation in Jesus at age 17 after the death of my mother in high school. Walking with God has not always been easy, but I can say it has been amazing. I have my BA in Religious Studies from Siena College where I spent 4 years, and also studied abroad in Ireland. I then got my MA in Practical Theology from Northpoint Bible College after three years of study. I believe with all my heart that God has a time and place for everyone and everything. I believe God calls us to community involvement. I personally help at the Schuylerville and Greenwich Youth Centers because every child is important and needs an adult who they feel safe talking to. They are our future. I am also a part of Second Hand Rose, a local thrift shop that gives all profits back to the community. I do this work to help our area and to inspire Christians that WE CAN make a difference. We would love to have you come meet us. Hopefully I will see you here some Sunday at 10AM. God Bless

Let the depressed find joy, the addict find freedom, and the rejected find a place to belonG at Faith Chapel Schuylerville! 


Scott Cutting

Senior Pastor

Pastor Scott believes that Joy and Freedom is found by relating to Jesus as Lord, Savior, King, Family and Friend.  

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